Who are Concept Northern?

Concept Northern have been supporting people with learning difficulties and disabilities for over 20 years. Based near Glasgow, Scotland we support people all over the U.K. We have a team of friendly, highly trained who endeavour to help you find the product best suited for you and provide support, training and assistance wherever needed.

I’m not sure what product best fits my needs, can Concept Northern help?

That’s what we do! Unless you know exactly what product you require we are here to help you find the best assistive technology to suit your individual needs. We can carry out an assessment with you at your location or via an online web conference session, which will allow us to assess your needs and offer suitable advice.

Once I have my new technology, will I be able to use it easily?

Like any technology, you will need to learn it. Depending on your previous experience with computers and technology this could be easy or slightly more difficult. Either way, we are here to help.

We offer 1-to-1 training sessions which can be carried out at our training suite or your preferred location. We also offer online training either remotely in a 1-to-1 scenario or via our eLearning website – www.conceptlearning.co.uk which has courses relating to all the assistive technology we sell.

What happens if my technology breaks down?

We understand that you, perhaps more than any other technology user, become reliant on the technology we have sold you. As such we offer a very flexible, professional, caring and client oriented support service.

You will immediately be put through to our Support team who can help solve problems over the phone. We will also perform remote repairs or further training over the internet if required.

Unlike other technology suppliers, we understand you NEED your equipment. With that in mind we do our very best to solve any problems as quickly as possible.

I’m not sure if I have dyslexia, can Concept Northern help?

Yes we can! We have assessed hundreds of people to discover if they have tendencies in line with dyslexia or not. In fact, we are currently developing a Dyslexia Screener App which will be available very soon.

We also work very closely with Educational and Occupational psychologists who can provide a comprehensive assessment and report for you.

I have dyslexia, do my children have it too? Can Concept Northern support my child?

If one parent has dyslexia it is commonly accepted that their child will have a 50% chance of having dyslexia also. We can assess your child and discover their strengths and weaknesses and help implement coping strategies, study strategies and suggest assistive technology developed for children. In most cases, the earlier dyslexia is discovered the better. With this in mind we can support your child from as early as 5 years old.

Is there any funding available to help with purchasing my assistive technology?

Yes there is. If you are a student you may qualify for DSA (Disabled Student Allowance) funding from SAAS (Student Awards Agency Scotland). You should, in the first instance, contact your Additional Support Advisor at your place of education.

If you are in the workplace then the Access to Work scheme is designed to assist disabled employees and help fund potential assistive technology.

We work closely with employees, managerial staff and HR staff to implement reasonable adjustments, implement technology and best practises to help create a more equal, productive and happy workplace for all.

Do I qualify for VAT relief?

If you have a disability then you will qualify for VAT relief. According to the Equality ACT 2010 a disability is "a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on his ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities". As such, disabilities may include mobility disabilities, visual impairments or dyslexia.

Please see the VAT information section for more information and links to establish if you are eligible.