Company Profile

Your National DSA Supplier

Based in the outskirts of Glasgow, Concept Northern are the main Scottish based supplier of assistive technology and training, providing services to students and educational institutions, organisations and individual clients.

Concept Northern was established to provide assistive technology and training to persons with additional support needs. We supply equipment, software and provide training to individuals with a variety of needs, including; blind and visually impaired people, deaf and hearing impaired people, and those with specific learning difficulties.

Why Choose Concept Northern? 

Since 1992 Concept Northern have been providing equipment and services to both individuals and organisations such as colleges/universities, councils, NHS and the police.

  • We provide a wide range of assistive technology from a selection of manufacturers and resellers. We're not tied to any one brand meaning that our customers get the ideal product for their needs.

  • Our professional trainers are qualified by the Institute of IT Training, the British Dyslexia Association and many other highly esteemed quality assurance organisations.

  • We have existed since 1992 and over that time have helped thousands of individuals manage their disability, as well as working with several large organisations including: Colleges, Universities, National Health Service, Police Departments, Local Councils, Banks and many more.