Index Basic D Embosser V5

Product Code: 14-010

An optimised design and effective production reduces the price and size of a high speed double sided Braille embosser by 60%. The combination of low price, high speed (340 PPH), high quality, ease of use and small size, makes Basic the best choice for homes, schools, the work-place and Braille production centres that prefer to use continuous tractor fed paper.

The Basic is controlled by an ink and Braille labeled front panel. Combined with the speech feedback it is easy to install and operate for blind and sighted users alike.


  • Braille quality: Equally formed dots that will last for a long time even if thin ”copy paper” is used. The design of the forming process reduces the risk of holes and cracked dots. A cracked dot will have a limited life time. The capability of producing Braille on thinner paper is an important step in reducing costs, and is also environmentally beneficial.
  • Double sided Braille: The double sided function not only reduces the quantity of paper by 50%, but also costs and amount of work involved when binding, mailing, storing and handling. With Basic-D you can combine double sided printout and graphics. It will automatically format the page so that the graphics do not interfere with the text.
  • Speech guided user interface: Blind and sighted users are guided equally by speech feedback, together with the ink and Braille labeled front panel. The speech is available in a number of languages.
  • A 2400 pages/day copy machine: The copy function, in combination with the tractor feed system, and a 400 page text buffer makes Basic-D an effective Braille copy machine, producing up to 2400 pages during an 8 hour working day.

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Speed: Documented printing speed on a test file of 100 pages (42 characters, 25 lines), 340 PPH (99 CPS).

Size: WxDxH 521x246x120 mm (20.2x10x5 Inch). Weight 8 kg (16 lbs.)

Printing principal: 13 high quality hardened hammers forming against hardened steel anvils

Text buffer: 400 kb (app. 400 Braille pages)

Program memory: 516 kb FLASH memory

Paper: Continuous tractor feed paper. Width 100-330 mm (4-13 Inch), Form length 2-15 inch (steps of 1, ½, 1/3 inch), Paper weight 100-250 gsm

Double sided system: Interpoint; 2.5 mm intercell dot distance. Interline; 2.2 mm intercell dot distance

Dot size: Height 0.45 mm, Diameter base 1.6mm

Graphic: Resolution 2.5 mm 2.0 mm and 1.6 mm

Character per line: Interpoint maximum 42 character per line Interline maximum 48 character per line

Interface: Centronics & Serial interface

Control & set-up: Twenty keys labeled in Braille and ink with speech feedback. ESC sequences for permanent or temporary installation

Approval: Complies with Part 15 of the FCC and the CE regulation.

Electrical: Switched power supply 100-240 voltage, 50-60 Hz. Power stand-by 25W, maximum 130W

Braille tables: Up to ten permanent and ten user defined computer or literary (Grade 1) tables

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