Readit Air

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Readit Air is for any visually impaired or blind computer user (not advanced!), who wants near instant, easy and accurate access to printed or electronic format documents.

It has been specifically designed for the requirements of students, business professionals and anyone on the move with a laptop PC.

However, it also makes an ideal desktop solution that can easily be moved between locations (e.g. home and work).

Its attachable positioning guide and custom designed positioning mat also allows users with no vision at all to perfectly place and capture their documents.


  • Users Read Faster: This is Readit Air's number one benefit. With digital capture and OCR of A4 documents, the spoken and reformatted large print text can be read over twice as fast as traditionally enlarged text from standard video magnifiers. It also allows you to read for longer periods with much less eye strain.
  • Read back of your documents: Users get the benefit of both automatic scrolling AND speech output of their document if they wish, further helping to increase reading speed and document comprehension.
  • Fast multi-page capture: 30 pages per minute capture means you can capture and store entire text books or long documents in minutes, not hours. Once they're captured, you never need to carry them with you again! Readit even remembers your position in each document when you re-open it!
  • Ease of use: Readit Air is so easy to use. Just place your documents, press "Enter" and your document is being displayed to you and read aloud seconds later.
  • Incredible accuracy: Readit Air uses the latest camera and recognition technology to ensure it is as accurate as possible, even on complicated documents newspaper layouts or tins of food.
  • Glossy document capture: Many camera systems have difficulty with glossy documents but this is not the case for the Readit Air! Although it has integrated lighting, the camera and software have been optimised to capture without the lights being required, meaning even glossy magazines can be captured without difficulty.

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Magnification Live: 0.2 to 32x on a 22 inch screen

Magnification Captured: 0.2 to 80x on a 22 inch screen (effectively unlimited)

Time to read (approximate): Intel Atom (dual core): 15 seconds, Intel Core2Duo: 4 seconds, Intel Core i5: 2 seconds

Camera resolution: 5 megapixels

Focus Depth: 10 cm

Capture Speed: Up to 20 pages per minute

Dimensions: (W x D x H) 6.5 x 6.2 x 25.5 cm

Weight: 500 grams

Power: Less than 500 milliamps at 5 volts

Connectivity: 1 x USB 2.0

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