(Non DSA) Brain In Hand Independence Support Package - 1 Year Annual Licence Subscription (No TLR - Includes 6 hours Training)

Product Code: 09-008

One year of Brain In Hand software subscription. Please note this does not include Traffic Light support. Includes 6 hours training.

Brain in Hand is an assistive technology designed to help individuals with autism to achieve more.

It is based on well-established therapeutic principles such as CBT, solution focussed therapy, and recovery based rehabilitation allowing the learning from these approaches to be turned into a set of patient centred strategies.

A cloud-based solution, Brain in Hand enables you to access detailed personalised support when and where you need it from your phone. You and your supporters can monitor usage, trends and success of interventions from a secure website.

Together this gives the confidence to do more things independently, opening up new horizons in daily life, education and work.

Brain in Hand’s unique design enables students to develop the kind of support that works best for them.

Students can identify situations where they have difficulty and plan strategies in advance. Smartphone technology means these are always available through the Brain in Hand App to refer to when needed and keep their learning on track.

DSA funding is available for students with:

  • Autistic Spectrum Conditions
    (including asperger syndrome and other pervasive developmental disorders, i.e. PDA & PDD-NOS)
  • Brain Injury.


  • A diary and ‘recipes’ for difficult to remember tasks
    To ensure vital elements of your day aren’t missed, including planned leisure activity programmes, you can enter appointments and routines for each day into the diary section of the system.
  • Instant access to pre-planned coping strategies
    Everyone faces different challenges in life and find which coping strategies work best for them. But when under pressure this can be forgotten. Brain in Hand keeps your best thinking available on demand in your pocket.Before using Brain in Hand, you complete a workbook to help identify strengths and weaknesses and map out challenges from small daily challenges to bigger goals and note which solutions help. This valuable information is entered into your personal account on a secure Brain in Hand website, making this thinking instantly available on your Brain in Hand app on your phone.
  • A monitor to track anxiety levels
    Brain in Hand includes a traffic light system. You are prompted (at pre-agreed intervals) to indicate how you are feeling by tapping a traffic light icon on your phone – green if everything is fine, amber if you are feeling uneasy, or red if you want support. This data can be accessed through the secure website and provides valuable information for you, and if you choose, also your support provider to reflect on. This will identify what activities and solutions are helping you the most and reveal possible new issues causing anxieties.
  • ‘Pressing red’ to request support
    If pre-planned strategies aren’t working and you need more support, help can be requested using Brain in Hand. Pressing red on the traffic light feature sends a text alert to your person of choice, letting them know you need to talk something through right now. They’ll get in touch in the way you have agreed – phone, text or email.
  • A secure website where they can review their use and identify new issues,
    Brain in Hand keeps track of all the problems and solutions that you press on the smartphone, and sends them back to your personal website. So, when you’re back at your laptop, tablet or PC, you can go to the website and look back at how well you’ve dealt with that day.Over time you will build a detailed picture of how your life is unfolding. It is a secure record of all your best thinking. We call it your Timeline.All the information is already there – the problems you faced, the solutions you chose and the anxiety you felt.As you get used to Brain in Hand, you can review and improve your schedules and solutions, drawing on your experiences and learnings, to help you better manage the challenges of daily life.

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