What Is A Complaint?

Any of the following are deemed as complaints:

  • An expression of dissatisfaction about the standard of service.
  • An allegation that there has been an unacceptable delay in dealing with a matter or about how an individual has been treated by a member of staff.
  • Action or lack of action by Concept Northern affecting an individual or group.
  • An allegation that Concept Northern has failed to observe proper procedures.

Concept Northern are committed to providing services of the highest quality. However things don't always go according to plan, but by listening to the views of all who use our services, we hope to continually improve our performance.

We aim to ensure that:

  • The procedure for making a complaint is as clear as possible.
  • Your complaint will be taken seriously, in a professional and non confrontational manner.
  • You will receive an acknowledgement that your complaint has been received the same day.
  • You will be given a full explanation or an apology where Concept Northern are at fault.
  • You will be informed of any action taken to ensure similar problems do not occur again.
  • If there is an apparent delay, you will be kept informed.
  • We will learn from our mistakes, your complaints and use them to improve our services.

How To Make A Complaint

Stage One

A complaint can be made in writing, by fax, e-mail or by telephone using the contact details below:

Contact: Julie Smith


Concept Northern
The Wheatsheaf
Speirs Wharf
G4 9TJ

Tel: 01355 573 073
Fax: 01355 573 173

Stage Two

When making a complaint please address your complaint to Julie Smith and provide your own contact details so that a response can be made. You can also select how you would like your response i.e. via telephone, letter or by email. Should you not specify we will use the contact details provided.

Please make clear the nature of your complaint and provide information as to what took place and when. You will be contacted regarding your complaint within three working days.

Stage Three

If you remain dissatisfied with the outcome, please contact Stephen Fitchett (General Manager). However, please note that all complaints are reviewed by the General Manager as standard. You should, however, make clear your reasons for being unsatisfied with the original outcome.

Stage Four

Depending on the nature of the complaint, in the event of an impasse being reached, the matter may be referred back to the college/university (if applicable). If the problem remains unresolved the matter can be referred to the Funding Body.