DSA Assessors

Welcome to our new quoting system

We have introduced a huge array of new features all based on assessor feedback. These new features have been implemented to make the quoting stage easier for you, the ordering stage easier for your students and there are also features allowing you to track orders in real time!

Getting started

To get started, create an account. Once we have activated your DSA assessor account you will have access to the quoting system. Like any e-commerce site you can then add any items from our store to your quote and create your own templates, quicklists and packages.

Please contact Andy Tasker - andy@conceptnorthern.co.uk to arrange training on the new system which can be carried out either face to face or remotely - it's up to you!

Built with assessors in mind

The features implemented have been recommended by assessors. We take your input seriously. So, if you feel there is anything missing from the site, or anything you would like changed, please let us know.

We plan regular updates to keep our quoting system the easiest and feature rich system you will use and assessor feedback is critical to achieving this.